CARLOS & BIANCA // A Tropical, Low-Key Destination Wedding in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

It's been a hot minute since I've written a blog post and I promise you, I will be better about it this season! 

Carlos & Bianca's intimate, laid back wedding in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico a few weeks ago was my dream come true. Not only are intimate weddings just what the doctor ordered for HereNorth's heart, but having spent my summers there as a child growing up, Puerto Rico holds a special place in my heart. So when Bianca reached out to me to shoot her wedding, how could I say no? I was booking that ticket before the metaphorical ink was drying on the wedding photography contract. ;)

Carlos & Bianca exchanged vows at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in Bayamón, Puerto Rico and had their crazy beautiful reception at El Livin in the Luis Muñoz Rivera Park, San Juan. Their super unique reception venue made for a truly beautiful ambiance, with an incredible attention to floral & centerpiece detail, and beautifully strung market lights, setting the early summer's evening mood as touching, ethereal and romantic. 

Check out some of the photos below!


E-SESSION: Pascual & Ambar's Chilly Engagement Session Central Park, NYC

When Ambar first reached out to me to shoot her engagement session, she had a very specific vision in mind with full confidence that HereNorth would be able to be on board. She was definitely right!

We planned in advance for an early March engagement session in New York City, with fingers crossed that the weather would cooperate. Ambar researched locations for shooting in Central Park- Bethesda Fountain, Naumberg Bandshell and more were included in her map. 

Things seemed to be going well with the weather warming up each day- we even reached 70 degrees in the week prior to the engagement session! Nevertheless, mother nature played its game and the temperature suddenly dropped with a forecast of a windy 30 degree day for our scheduled session.

Yet, we persevered- or I should say, THEY persevered since I was fully layered head to toe! They *worked it* and we had a blasty blast!


AJ + Tara // A Natural, Ethereal Pennsylvania Wedding

AJ & Tara got married on possibly the most beautiful October day in 2016. The sun was shining, the day time was not too hot or too cold and the evening was crispy just enough to get your teeth chattering, a quintessential fall evening. 

Tara got ready with her bridal party that morning at possibly the COOLEST FARMHOUSE EVER in Honey Brook, PA. (Thanks, Airbnb!) It was truly a wedding photographer's dream- white walls, wooden floors, lots and lots and lots of light! No detail was left unaccounted for. The house was filled with love and light and laughter... and also a random cat. ;)

Tara & AJ were such a great couple to photograph, leaving lots of time not only for us as east coast wedding photographers to do the job of capturing beautiful images, but for them to enjoy the moments together, slowing down time. (I swear I've got tears in my eyes as I write this). 

It was truly evident how much these two love and deserve one another, and how much friends and family love and support them as well. May you have many, many happy years together! Huzzah!

Photography: HereNorth Photography - NY, NJ, PA

Venue: Sunnybrook Ballroom- Pottstown, PA

Videographer: Rivre Films

DJ: Boss Entertainment DJ Services

Make-Up Artist: MakeUp By Maria Elisa

Hair Stylist: Erin Costante

Florist: Rachel Brenner

Groosmen Ties: The Grunion Run

Bridal Gown: from Country Bride And Gent

Bridesmaid Dresses: BHLDN

Special thanks to my second shooters, Skye Hall and Madison Moran!

Travis + Paris // An Upstate NY Rustic Backyard Wedding

It's been quite awhile since I posted a wedding blog. Autumn into early winter was a whirlwind of amazing east coast weddings, from boho chic  to rustic farm to classy winter styles. My favorite weddings always seem to end up being upstate New York ones, and Travis + Paris' October rustic glamour backyard wedding was one of a kind. 

With the wedding ceremony in the front yard and the reception in the stables, surrounded by tall colorful trees and horses only steps away, this intimate DIY wedding couldn't have gone anymore perfect. I loved loved loved the antler & glittery decor, and of course, I'm always a sucker for string lights. ;) It's no surprise that Paris, owner of the amazing makeup line Velvet 59 based in Los Angeles, would also be excellent at designing and decorating her very own wedding! 

Check out some photos below!

Special thanks to my second shooter Madison Moran!

Wedding Tip #2: Natural Light Is Your Friend

It has been a week or so since I posted my very first tip of my Wedding Tip Series (if you haven't read tip "Know Your Photographer" yet, you can click here), and I am ready for round two!

So here it is for wedding tip #2: NATURAL LIGHT IS YOUR FRIEND. 

Ever notice while browsing Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook for your latest #bridalinspo that the most beautifully captured photos are the ones that seem the most natural? That is often heavily due to lighting, and I'm sorry to say it, folks, but often times, flash just doesn't cut it.

I'm going to break this wedding tip down and apply it to two separate parts of your special day:

The Morning Of

I'm going to say it plain and straight. What you as a bride (or a groom) should be looking for when choosing a location to get prepped in is: big windows + light colored walls. It's no secret that light colors reflect light, and big windows really let all that light come in in the first place.


Not only is it because beautiful images tend to be well lit (unless your photographer is going for a specific, moodier look), but the camera functions a whole lot better wherever and whenever there is LIGHT. 



Wedding Ceremony

If you are having an indoor ceremony, try to choose a ceremony location that - again - lets in all of that glorious light. Even if your venue is naturally a bit more dark and dramatic (historical mansions, anyone?), window light can make for some amazing indoor images.

Keep in mind when and where the sun will be shining on your ceremony location. If your venue is a bit darker, try for an earlier ceremony (a few hours before sunset), unless the sun happens to be shining directly on the windows at a later time.



And that's it! Stay tuned for Wedding Tip #3 coming soon! :)

Wedding Tip #1: KNOW your Photographer

Things at HereNorth have been (happily) ultra busy these last few months and it has been awhile since I've had the opportunity to write a blog post that isn't specific to any one client's wedding. Ahhh, to have a bit of time again!

I am so grateful for the support of friends, family and clients this year as HereNorth takes off in the full-time career world, and also thankful because all of the experiences over the last several months have given me insight on how I can help future brides. 

With that said, this winter I am focusing on a blog series of wedding tips for my 2017 (and beyond) brides, and this is my very first!

I don't have to tell you just how important, momentous, amazing, emotional, and intimate a wedding day is. You'll feel all of the feels since the moment of engagement until you slip the rings on each other's fingers the day of, and the photographs of this special day will make you feel those feels over and over again each time you see them- from the posed to the most candid. 


Here is where my wedding tip #1 comes into play: KNOW YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER. To know your photographer is to trust your photographer, to trust that she (or he) will be able to capture those moments that mean so much to you. 

Invest time in BOTH of you (yes, both) meeting your photographer- IN PERSON is best, but if distance or scheduling is an issue, do your utmost to set aside an hour to VIDEO chat. No phone calls only, no texts only, no e-mails only. Why? There is a lot to be said for being able to see the face of the person who is going to be so intimately a part of your big day. Seeing your photographer creates a connection and gives you an idea of how you really get along. Chemistry allows for flow, feelings of comfort and trust in your vendor. If the connection isn't there, it might be a good idea to go the route of another photographer because a lack of connection between the engaged and the vendor will - I hate to break it to you - affect your photos. 


Another reason meeting your wedding photographer is a great idea is because you will get a more comprehensive idea of what your photographer offers as far as editing, scheduling, products, and more. You will know what to expect from your wedding photos, you will be able to IDENTIFY and COMMUNICATE your needs to your photographer, and best of all, you will feel CONFIDENT in your decision to proceed with her (or him). Again, all of this leads to trust which will make you feel amazing on your wedding day. 

The final reason that both you and your partner should absolutely meet and get to know your photographer is to avoid misunderstandings and disappointment, unmet expectations. The more you know and communicate with your photographer minimizes any potential issues that may arise, and IF they do arise, you can be comfortable enough to reach out to your photographer (or vice versa) to resolve the issue peacefully, already having established a warm history and relationship with your photographer. 

And that's where I am ending my first wedding tip blog post!

Vendors: did I miss anything? Write it in the comments below!



#millereverafter: Jesse & Rachel at White Chimneys Estate in Gap, PA

This past autumn was full of colorful leaves and cloudy skies. I love me some cool and overcast weather, and Jesse & Rachel's fall wedding at White Chimneys in Gap, PA fit the perfect bill for an amazing barn wedding on the east coast.  

Venue: White Chimneys Estate 

Caterer/Food Truck: Southbound BBQ Co

Florist: We Are Wildflowers

DJ: DJ Cali

Glassware & Cake Rentals: Modern Relics

Bridal Gown & Accessories: Sabrina Ann - Ardmore

Cake: The Master's Baker

Special thanks to my second shooter Megan Fuss!



E-SESSION: Pete & Leah at New Jersey Botanical Gardens, NJ

Things at HereNorth have [happily] gotten quite busy during my late wedding season on the East Coast, and I have sooo many blog posts to catch up on! While I can't blog every session, I would love to share some highlights from the last two months!

Let's start with Pete & Leah, who had booked me several months back! Not only did we hit it off in our first wedding photography consultation, but I had a fantastic time shooting the fall engagement session for these two at the New Jersey Botanical Gardens in Ringwood, NJ. It wasn't hard at all to get this couple laughing and I loved, loved, loved this session!

Take a look at some of the highlights below!