HI, I'm adriana..

and I am here to tell your story.

Photo courtesy of devicfotos.

Photo courtesy of devicfotos.


"'If I had a camera,' I said, 'I'd take a picture of you every day. That way I'd remember how you looked every single day of your life.'" 

- THE HISTORY OF LOVE by Nicole Krauss


I once read somewhere that choosing a photographer is choosing an experience. Truer words have never been spoken.

A traveling wedding photographer rooted in the northeast,  my goal is to bring a rustic mood, a still, raw, authentic beauty to your images that tell the history of your love, while making the process as smooth and relaxed as possible. Because, truthfully, it's not just about the photos- it's about the all-immersive experience, the everlasting love between you two, and the connection and the trust I look to earn in being entrusted with such a monumental honor as capturing what is already there. 

So I am here for the couples who cherish the "little things". I am here for those couples that want to slow down time on such a special day, remembering that's it's really about the love between the two. I am here for those that aren't afraid to go on an adventure.

Now get in touch! Let's talk, let's vibe, let's hang out.



Things That Make Up HERENORTH (and in no particular order):

love, family, the smell of winter, forest, the greater North, night skies, moons, all kinds of woodsiness, fire embers, antlers, lace, bark, maps, red clay, smelling my dog's paws, candles, sand, cold hands & hot breath, prints & patterns, constellations, arrows, leaves, what's underneath the deep blue sea, carvings, lakes, wedding bands, foxes, feathers, hardcover books, waves, metals, mountains, leather, graphite drawings, moss, compasses, wood floors, bookshelves, bi-planes, oversized jackets, fur, cabins, wolves, copper, string lights, medallion rugs, warm nights, firewood, intimacy, crunching branches, canoes, red tipped noses, NATURE.